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​your THRONE hookup

Wheelchair suck! So I’m going to ditch them! The THRONE will be the basis for Cripple A. Wheelchairs will cease to exist. The THRONE is far more capable and WAY cheaper than any product currently on the market. And because of the open source nature, small entrepreneurs will be given avenues for assembly and repair, creating an entirely new industry of repair professionals.

The THRONE is a component driven design. Innovation and rapid iteration can occur at the component level. Making the THRONE highly customizable and upgradable. We are building algorithms to find your perfect THRONE. The more input the algorithm has, the better the customization will work.  It's time this market joined the 21st century!

Coopetition is the new economy. We compete better when we cooperate. This is why the world needs a platform to work together. As the THRONE overtakes traditional markets, we prove our theory. Wheelchairs are not the only crappy industry out there.

Now we have a new model to conquer the world!

Buckle your seatbelts!

What is Cripple A?

Crpple A is similar to eBay in that sells new products BUT shares there designs. Coopetition is the goal. We work better when we compete together. Brilliant products are being relegated to the dustbin because of extremely difficult manufacturing and insurance issues. We are building a marketplace, to sell open-source products to customers and to provide resources for small manufacturing. As a result of this strategy, innovation will skyrocket and price will plummet.