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​your THRONE hookup

Thank you very much for helping me with this important project. We are working very hard to make the world better for all of us. If you have skills in this area and desire to join our executive team please email me so we can talk.


Mary Heacock

a.k.a. Queen Mary

"If I have to sit in a chair, I might as well make it a THRONE!"

Please watch the Criple A video on "the THRONE" page and slideshow on the "about us" page.

I finally have the survey online!  Unfortunately,I still haven't figured out the form.  So I need to ask you to email a response to the address below. This is very informal, feel free to personalize!

Pre-questionnaire - please answer before watching additional media

  • Name your three biggest frustrations with your electric wheelchair
  • What are the three biggest improvements that your wheelchair needs
  • Have you solved any of these problems and would like to share your examples
  • What are the three things you most miss doing.

Post questionnaire - please answer after viewing media

  • Does the THRONE solve your frustrations?
  • What frustration still need to be addressed?
  • What attributes of the THRONE are most interesting to you?
  • Do you have suggestions for add-ons or improvements?
  • Do you understand the business model from this presentation?
  • May I add your email to our customer list? We will never abuse this. We will only send out emails for major events. This is very important to get this project recognized by others. Numbers count and one of the numbers the matters is how many email addresses you have. So you would be doing me a huge service if you would share this with me. And please feel free to share this with your friends.